Overheating Slow Noisy Laptop?! Yes You need to keep Clean your Laptop or Desktop Computer Maintenance, Dust – Spider Web etc. (found hunstman recently wasnt perfect experience for me)

Laptop: keep it inside the laptop bag after using. Laptop is kind a vacuum cleaner when its on. so it sucks all the dust and pets hair. keep it in bag, worry free. Dusting your Laptop time to time, periodically with old tootbrush or paint brush is the best of use.

Computer Desktop – Gaming Custom Built PC: More fans more Dust, yes thats right. Otherwise Your Gaming PC is such a cool vacuum cleaner, collecting dust like a magnet. We should keep CPU fan clean and exhaust fans works properly.  Additionally, If you are not using your Computer also you can cover with cloth or plastic bag etc.

Operating System windows 10 running so slow, computer boots up so long..

Get rid of all unnecessary startup software keep it max 3-4 software if its necessary. Use malwarebytes for your browser health. Disk cleanup ,

delete windows update files, run with admin rights sfc /scannow code in command menu. chkdsk /r also life saver, keep restore point back up, or keep usb recovery drive always for blue screen errors.

Do not keep all your personal files on your computer all the time, keep it offline like external drive or usb drive. Do not let hackers or lamers get it.

Keep your documents and photos not in C: Drive or Operating System Drive. Keep it in Secondary Drive.

Use Google Drive or One Drive for your Documents and Images.

Check your External Back UP Disks, how old are they? do you hear any sounds coming (clicky noise) take action, back up of your back up drives 🙂

keep up to date not always good idea with windows updates, try to keep minimal windows 10 upgrades. (do not install beta upgrades)

If you think something is wrong with your computer always ask for your local computer technician for free consultation or advise, before you get in trouble with your Computer, take action.

Check your bios updates, keep it up to date. install and keep support assist software in your computer (dell, hp, lenovo very good at with support)

Water Damaged Laptop

Minimize your risks with Water Damage, do not drink anything close to your laptop or computer.  I am fixing every week 2 macbook with spill damage, Macbook Computer loves liquid. Weak point of Apple Macbook.

Drinking Problem 🙂 wine, water, milk, tea, soup, bubble tea so far coffee is winner with early morning water damage macbook calls. Thank God Australians love Coffee more than anyone in the world.

So please Dont put your fancy mug close to your laptop.

I know you love touch screen laptop, however its quite east to break the screen, please buy temper protective screen glass on ebay etc. its $10-20

worth it,  buy also keyboard skin protection cover.

My laptop is not charging, only charging with special angle, if you push or bend so much your charging port or charging cable you will damage it everyday more and more.

if its not charging call a computer technician and ask advice or get repair.

Broken Hinges on your laptop, congrats first of all try not to buy plastic casing laptop, buy metal casing and well built design laptop.

I personelly do not recommend to buy HP Laptop however it provides good business for me. I am fixing more HP than any other brand.

I recommend Lenovo – Dell – Asus for laptop brands, try to get metal casing and smart cooling system laptop. (new gen solid state drive support will be good) M.2 or NVME type of SSD.

Building a gaming pc is not that expensive anymore, feel free to ask your local computer technician about your gaming beast ideas.

will give you more details and keep you up to date cheers Ike.