We do Laptop Screen Repair or Replacement – Affordable – Cheap Service Fee.

HP – Lenovo – Dell – Asus – Acer – Toshiba – Sony – Razer – Apple Macbook – Screen Repair.  Fixed Fees for All Screen Repairs, Same Day or 3-5 Days Processing times.

We also give you option to buy yourself the screen or replacement part.

We repair your laptop screen with fixed fee, price range is $50-$120 .

LVDS display cable repair, cable replacement, screen bezel replacement, top case replacement,

We do service for all types of brand laptops. Cracked Screens – No Display – etc.

How much does it cost to fix a cracked touch screen laptop?

Cost depends on your laptop model (touch screen or screen resolution) IPS screens + refresh rates etc.

For laptop screen repair quotes we need your laptop model name and number plus if you can send us photo message or email of your laptop and screen. We can give you quickly cost of repair.

Display Cable or LVDS connection is damaged.
You can always test is it Laptop Screen or Graphics Card Error? connect to TV or external monitor to verify.